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Welcome to Swords of Chivalry

Excellent Education

Swords of Chivalry has been teaching students how to safely hold a sword since 2012. Our Acton campus welcomes all types of students, regardless of learning differences or emotional challenges.  As with any martial arts class, Swords of Chivalry will teach your child the fortitude, wisdom, and leadership to be successful outside, even when they don't have a sword in their hands.

Meet the Instructor

Scott has been teaching Swords of Chivalry since 2012, when he stepped down as the chief youth instructor of the Kunstbruder Fechtschule, now the Athena School of Arms.  

In his other life, Scott is a math teacher, working specifically with students who have emotional challenges.  Sword fighting and solving equations may not seem like they have a lot in common, but they are both skills which rely heavily on geometry and surprisingly similar brain pathways.  

I have no idea why Scott is dancing in this picture.


Classes run Monday Afternoons

Private and small-group lessons are also available

Our Mission

Keep children safe while they are holding swords.

I don't know about you, but no one ever found me when I was young and handed me a sword.  

Swords of Chivalry teaches children how to use swords in the martial tradition of Johannes Lichtenauer, which emphasizes the safety of the person holding the sword.  We use the books and poems written by fencing masters in the medieval and renaissance era to teach a martial art which was forgotten with the invention of the gun.

Components of Class


Cardio-vascular and body-weight strength training are a part of every class.


Chivalric Virtue

Learn the Code of Chivalry which followed the sword through the centuries.


Sword Fighting

Students use safe, foam swords to study the same martial arts that knights and kings used for centuries.

Swords for Home

If you would like to continue your training at home, these are the swords that we use in class.  Talk to me in class about which one is right for the training you would like to do at home, and you can order them here.  

I will hand you your sword during the next class after they arrive.  


Actionflex Swords

A safe, flexible sword for younger students to begin their study.


Calimacil Swords

A foam sword with a rigid core for teens and adults to engage in light sparring with little protective gear.


Coldsteel (Plastic) Swords

These swords are appropriate for solo drills.  These are not appropriate for sparring.

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