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Swords of Chivalry seeks to teach children how to safely use swords, and more generally how to use their bodies in a safe and energetic way. Children will run, sword-fight, and engage in bodyweight exercises during every class.


Nobody gave me a sword when I was little, and I want to fix that for the next generation. 

Foam Swords

While the swords used at Swords of Chivalry may look like real swords, they are actually made of foam. In order to better be able to perform the historically accurate martial art techniques we teach, each sword has a rigid core (usually fiberglass) underneath.


​Most of the swords and other "weapons" come from Calimacil, a well-respected maker of durable foam swords which are unlikely to become unsafe from use. When a sword gets too old, such that the foam is breaking or the fiberglass is palpable, the sword is thrown away.


What are parents saying about us?

"Great place for teenagers. Highly recommended."

"Scott is a patient, kind, and inspirational teacher, who helped my daughter through frustrations in class and empowered her to push herself physically and mentally. I would have given [Swords of Chivalry] 10 stars if it were possible!"

"Scott is great with kids of all ages!"

"Scott is very knowledgeable about both the practical elements and the history behind different kinds of sword-fighting. I really appreciated how he was able to make even running and drills fun and challenge them to push themselves."

What is class like?







Reading medieval manuals (Fechtbuchs)


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