A youth martial arts program for children, grades 3 and up!

At Swords of Chivalry, students are taught a martial art focusing on the sword, complete with the chivalric code which followed the sword through the centuries. Students learn about fitness, safety, and history during every class.


Swords of Chivalry's curriculum focuses around seven virtues: Charity, Fortitude, Humility, Leadership, Safety, Skill with Weapons, and Wisdom.

Though the majority of class time is spent sword-fighting and exercising, advancement within the school is based upon completion of quests inspired by the Seven Virtues of Chivalry.

Click the picture on the left if you would like to know more about the virtues and how they impact the school.


Students must at least be in Grade 3+ to join.

About half of the students at Swords of Chivalry are girls. Swords of Chivalry is an open, welcoming, and safe place for people to practice.

978-393-1134 | Scott@SwordsofChivalry.com | 380 Massachusetts Avenue, Acton, MA 01720